Tuesday, December 29, 2015


December. Need I say more? For me this is by far the most difficult month for us. It's our third December as a bishops family. I can't pin point why a month that is suppose to be so joyous is my hardest month. In fact it is so hard I feel January first should be a bishops wife holiday. I contemplate having cake and ice cream. Maybe even pick up some balloons. It can be titled "Happy We Survived December Day". Do you feel like this? Am I just completely crazy?

I recently deleted all my social media pages. It was way to hard to feel like I never got a break from the ward. It was hard to see the cliques and the exclusive groups. It was hard to heal from negative judgement seeing their faces each day. I have never felt more free. However, it means I miss out on the bishops wife group. I miss those ladies! I miss the discussion. I miss being able to say "times are tough" and have people get it. Today is one of those days I wish I could go get a boost from those who know how difficult and challenging this place is. It is hard. Very hard. I wish others understood that I give everything for my husband to serve. Everything. So hooray for January first. 3 Decembers down. Potentially only 2 more to go. How are you holding up this December? Is it hard for you too? Comments welcomed.:)

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  1. I totally agree! I just survived my second December with my husband as the bishop. I thought last Christmas was tough because our oldest left to serve a mission one week before Christmas, but this year was just as hard. He had three times as many people needing help this year, and most of those were last minute. It seemed like the phone rang every night, he helped a family move two days before Christmas, and we were even trying to help one family up until 10:30 pm Christmas Eve. So much for family time, right? I'm glad my husband has a calling where he is able to assist those in need but often those in need act like they are the only ones the bishop has to worry about and they can be very demanding, which makes it hard for me to have charity. At least we had a break from the ward on Christmas day.