Friday, February 28, 2014

The Phone Call

It was March 30. A completely ordinary day. My youngest was 6 weeks old. My oldest 7. We were cleaning having a family day when my husbands phone rang. I knew the look. I knew who it was. I was immediately in shock. This couldn't be happening.

A few months prior to this phone call I received one of the worst phone calls of my life. It was my husband. He called to tell me to stop what I was doing and say a prayer for our current bishops wife. She had been in the hospital and took a turn for the worst.  So I did. I listened to the heart wrenching prayer by my then 4 year old. She asked plan and simple that Jesus would make her okay. And he did. Just not in the way we all hoped. He took her back to her heavenly home that night. I had to sit by my husband and he made call after call after call after call to every member informing the of her passing. It was agonizing. It was hard. The world lost a wonderful person. I lost a dear friend. 

My heart was sad and still is. But time went on and no changes were made. We were happy. We watch a dear man loose his wife and still serve the Lord. It's humbling. And I had not thought that my Mr.'s calling would change. He was the elders quorum president.  But the call came. I have seen the look time and time again when he gets a call from the stake. They wanted to meet the following Sunday before church. 

That rest of that day was a blur. We tried to not think about it. We tried to reason that he was just being called as a counselor. In fact I was sure of that until 3 am came. I shot out of bed knowing. I knew what the Lord wanted of us. And I cried in disbelief. So, we got up and got our 5 kids ready and off we went. My life will never be as it once was.  

So, with the six week old in arms we got to the church. The Stake President first took my husband in and within seconds it was my turn. I sat down and heard him say "I am here with direction from church head quarters........" the tears immediately started. "We would like to ask your husband to be the ward bishop. And we want your support. Will you support him?" All I could do was nod my head. I had snot draining wild and tears that wouldn't stop. He gave us some counsel. And sent us on our way. I wiped my tears and mascara off my face and had to go sit in church. The baby started to cry thank heavens after his blessing and I escaped to the mothers lounge to cry  more tears. Another sister walked in to ask if I was okay. My response was the spirit was just in abundance! This would be our secret for THREE WEEKS. The longest three weeks of my life to say the least. 

To be continued.......

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